Agent 00-Parent: Mission – Possible!

Agent 00-Parent:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help create the best possible human the world has ever seen. Your mission must include this person have as many attributes of good character as humanly possible.

You will be given a minimum time of 18 years to complete this mission. Most experienced agents know, however, that you may be called upon again for further assistance after the minimum time completed.

You are already equipped with the basics:

BASICS #1) Relate-ability
–Do some brain calculations, tap into your memory and remember how you once saw the world when you were their age. You used to ask questions and play. You used to test boundaries and explore new places, faces, and emotions. The hard wire is there. It’s just been tampered with by life. Do some re-wiring and sparks may fly.

BASICS #2) The Target’s Best Interest at Heart
–We know you love your child more than anything and only want the best for them. Keep that as your primary motivation and your intentions will be pure and clear.

BASICS #3) Equipment
–You have shelter, food, and access to various forms of technology and information. Use it. Don’t abuse it.

BASICS #4) Instincts
–You have been chosen to be this target’s leader for many reasons; a main one having natural, parental instincts. Part of your training will be learning how to trust them, but maintain space and room to develop/challenge them so that they only serve you and the child healthily.

SET UP: You will be given the numerous stages of young life again, this time from another individual’s point of view. During each stage, you will be required to actively participate in the growth and development of each avenue the target pursues. All of your senses will be required to allow yourself to learn how they learn. There will be many challenges and obstacles to retrieve this information, but you must be persistent and present. When they reach the stage of clearer communication skills, the consistent questioning will begin. Patience must be practiced as this is an opening to take your best shot at filling this young mind with information that will help them in the other stages of their life.

MEMO: While out in the field, you’ll encounter other agents. Most will undoubtedly give advice (solicited or otherwise) and/or may be willing to share their experience out in the field. You will be responsible for affiliating yourself within your own agency of choice and will be held accountable for such choices. Each agents’ mission is specific to their background, environment, and overall objective for their own targets.

ACTION ITEM: Other organizations such as education, sports, the arts, social events, etc. are aids to ensure proper balance within each target’s life. Use these at your discretion and through careful analysis that line up with your agency’s overall objective for your target. Target should also be engaged and allowed to enjoy such activities. Recommendations from other agents are an acceptable form of research.

ACTION ITEM: With this being a major part of your life’s work, do you best to keep your confidence and patience up. It will be tiring, tedious, and restless work…but worth every moment. The rewards are great when you perform to the best of your abilities.

Good luck, 00-Parent. And may you enjoy the ride.