Check out the awesome coaches getting ready to compete and perform at this year’s Coaches Cup and see why they are taking the time to participate.



I’m so excited to be competing in Coaches Cup for the second year in a row. This event is such a great opportunity to help children in our community. I will be channeling my inner poison dart frog and I am going to leap to the top of the podium. My routines are equal parts dynamic and ungraceful. But, what I lack in grace, I make up for in style. Join Team Alexis because we’re going to rise to the top and help Gyminny Kids wipe the floor with our other competitors. Donate to my team so we can raise a bunch of money for a great cause!


Potential Donor,
I am competing to raise funds for a cause dear to my heart. When my youngest son Rocket was born, he spent the first few weeks at Rady’s with a liver defect. During that time, the hospital made the difficult process bearable. We are forever grateful to Children’s Miracle Network for taking good care of our sick newborn. Please help us give back to this wonderful cause. For this event, I have morphed in Marcel the capuchin super monkey. Swing into action, sponsor me and I will deliver a WILD performance that will leave you spinning! Welcome to the Jungle, we’ve got fun and FANGS!!!


I am very excited to be participating in this year’s Coaches Cup and hope to end up on the podium again! I have enjoyed growing closer with my co-workers by training for this incredible event. It is exciting to be able to use my love for gymnastics for such a great cause. Despite having to overcome an injury, I plan on putting on a great show! I am most excited for my Beetlejuice inspired floor routine and beam performance! This year I am hoping to raise more money than I did last year and help reach our overall goal of $100,000 for Rady’s Children’s Hospital.


After winning second place last year, I am chasing that first place win this year.  I am excited to help out even more this year by donating even more to Rady’s Children’s Hospital.  Please help me help others.  I will be harnessing my inner pig (my favorite animal) and eating up the competition with my carefree moves.  There “ain’t no worries” here as I have been training hard for this event.  I started out as a gymnast, then a coach and now back to a gymnast again, it truly is a “circle of life”.  I need everyone to help by being part of my team and donating to this amazing cause.  I can’t wait to share my performance with you.  Oink Oink!


I wanted to participate to represent my movement styles and encourage kids to become the characters they see in movies and play video games.  You should vote for me because I’ve by far got the best beard on the competition. When it comes to style, none of the other athletes can come close to what I got. I should have my own brand of peanut butter I’m so smooth. So be like a toaster, and give that bread. Not for me, but for the young life’s at Rady’s Childrens hospital that will benefit from your kindness and donations. Thank you and see you at the cup


This is an outstanding event and I’m so glad I have the opportunity to be apart of something this amazing! I’m very excited to see what everyone comes up with and the best part is that it all go to a great cause! We get to have fun and show off a little then the money I raise all gets donated. I love how everyone is really getting into the theme of being animals and embracing their wild side. Hopefully I will make it swiftly through my routines. Watch me as I soar over to the podium with my fellow gymnast. Join my team to raise money for a great cause and cheer me on during the competition!


I’m participating in this year’s Coaches Cup as Sonic the Hedgehog! As a former Rady’s Children Hospital patient, I am super excited to finally be able to compete this year with my new and improved hip. Up until last year, I’ve been battling a degenerative bone disease in my right hip which resulted in a hip replacement at the age of 23.Thanks to all the doctors from Rady’s, and other hospitals, for giving me a second chance at gymnastics. Please help me in raising money to give back to the organization that helped many other children like myself in pursuing their dreams and living a healthier life. I look forward to your donations and support, and thank you for choosing team Sonic! 🙂


Dear Potential Donor,

I’m so excited to participate in this unique charity fundraiser! It is such a fun way to donate our time and talent toward a great cause. My favorite thing about the event is the way it brings everyone closer together in such a positive and productive manner, from coaches to students and even the community. Many of us are putting several nights a week into our preparation and can’t wait to put on a breathtaking performance of creativity, comedy and sheer skill. Support me and help get this flying squirrel off the ground!

Thank you for your contribution, I hope to see you at the show!

Flying Matt


Hello! Gymnastics is such a huge and powerful aspect of my life and has given me so many great life experiences. I love training new things and “finally making it” which is one of the reasons I chose to compete this year. Giving back to those in need by doing something I crave is a win-win situation for me. I want to be able to give the kids at Rady’s the chance to experience the feeling of doing something they love, set goals for themselves, and watch their dreams become a reality. The first step is giving them a chance to fight. Donate for me so we can kick some cancer booty!


Hey! My name is Sam Schneider. I have 10 years of gymnastics experience under my belt and I am taking this event very seriously, from both a donating and competition view. My animal for the event will be a gorilla and I am very excited to participate. This will be my first year participating in this event, but that doesn’t mean I can’t win! Rady’s children is an amazing foundation and any donation would be helpful. My goal is to raise over one thousand dollars. Help me reach my goal and most importantly help me help the children that need it. Thanks!


Hi! I am coach Trisha. I love handstands, seeing kids learn a new skill they’ve been working hard for, and chocolate. I’m a newbie when it comes to Coaches Cup so honestly, I may not truly realize what I am signing up for. But, I’ve known a lot of kiddos that have needed Rady Children’s Hospital even on a regular basis due to special medical conditions. If me, acting like a goofball in a giraffe costume and tutu, can help illeviate some of the stress during those hard times, than with your help, let’s do it! … and earn a trophie in the process. 



I’m excited that the fundraiser this year has gotten more gyms and coaches to help raise money Rady’s Children Hospital and that I can be apart of it. I hope I can make a difference and bring any help to reach the 100k goal. For me to accomplish this I can only hope you will make any donation! Each donation is extremely significant and allows us to make change and bring well being to families in need. I know with everyone’s help that this event will succeed greatly and will obtain enough donations to reach and hopefully surpass our goal!


I would like to participate in this competition because it’s a great cause. I have recently had a family friend be diagnosed with cancer and I would like to be able to do my part and help out in anyway possible. My grandfather had passed from colon cancer in 2010 and it was hard enough on my family and all his loved ones; so, with this newest diagnosis being a child under the age of eighteen it is hitting a little bit harder. I think this is a great fundraising opportunity that I would like to contribute to as it helps people in need and shows younger people the value in fundraising for an important cause.


I want to participate in this event because not only is it going to be a great time for everyone but its for a great cause. I know many kids who are affected by illnesses or disabilities that hinder their day to day life. The idea of being able to make on impact on these kids or just putting a smile on their face is worth it all. You should donate for me because I haven’t done a drop of gymnastics in 8 years and it will be incredibly entertaining to watch me try. After all, I’m just the front desk lady.


I am super excited to participate in this event! Children’s hospitals hold a very special place in my heart as it is thanks to one that my brother is alive and well today. He used to go to one in Texas at least 3 times a month until he had back surgery three years ago and it is thanks to such amazing staff that he felt at ease and was able to have such a smooth recovery! It has been quite some time since I have been able to compete, and I love a good excuse to show off my very sub-par gymnastics.


It is very rare that we gymnastics professionals get the opportunity to give back to our communities. So this is a great chance to raise money for an extremely good cause! Please give generously to all the coaches involved in this event… especially ME! 
A little about me, I’ve been coaching professionally now for almost 35 years. I competed in gymnastics (mainly as a pommel horse specialist) in Middle School all the way through College. I wasn’t the acrobatic type of gymnast, hence the pommel horse specialty. But I was an athlete and that got me through. Please help support me as an under dog performer in this terrific event!


Come help me Mr Incredible ( Coach Tony) Reach our goal of raising $100,000.00 for the Rady Children’s Hospital. I Mr Incredible want to help Rady’s with their state of the art care and research Facilities.  I am so excited to be performing gymnastics to raise money to assist Rady’s helping children in their needs. Your donations will help patients with needs from rides to therapy sessions to 3D printing of their heart. Mr Incredible wants to  challenging every other coach to try to out do me. I will be training every day to ensure me performance matches your donation expectations.



Healthy is Happy! 
As a former level 10 gymnast, mom to my own 2 gym cuties, and new coach at Pacific Coast Gymnastics I cannot wait to participate in this years Coaches Cup! I am a nutritionist and have trained for various sports over the years… BUT it’s been 16 years since I’ve trained or really done any gymnastics and I have a lot of brushing off to do! Through my participation I hope to raise money for Radys (every donation helps, even $5!) and to encourage EVERYONE to take a positive step (even if it’s scary) for life long health, fitness, and fun! Especially MOM’s!!!


What better combination than a charity event and gymnastics combined. Gymnastics has always been a passion of mine so I feel so blessed to be able to use this as a means of influencing others and now being able to participate in something to give back to others outside of the gymnastics community. Donate to me if you have ever had a passion for gymnastics and/or giving back to others? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


Last year I watched this event and I really liked the participation from gymnasts, parents and coaches for a unified goal, helping Rady Children’s Hospital.
This year Pacific Coast Gymnastics was invited to join forces and there was no hesitation to help raise funds for those  in need.
Please help us by donating on my behalf and join us as the Coaches Cup. Coach Sasha and myself will  dust off the old grips and put them to work, trust me you won’t be disappointed. 
I will be competing on all 6 men’s events the floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault , parallel bars and the dangerous high bar.
Are you ready ???
Go Pcg- Go Radys Children’s Hospital !!!


I wanted to participate in this competition for a few reasons. First, I love that we are raising money for a cause that involves children. I work with children everyday and I think it is very important that all children have access to the care they need. Second, I would love to see how much gymnastics I can still pull off 🙂 And lastly I am super excited to have one of my very own gymnasts coach me and see what advice they can give me. I hope they will be able to use some of the tips I have given them throughout their training.