Here is a quick tour that gives you a glimpse inside the building to answer some of your frequently asked questions. In addition to what’s shown on these videos:

– We sanitize the class bins between each class. Each Coach has their own bin.

– We clean and sanitize any surfaces that are touched by Gyminny Associates and students throughout the day. We have extra staff devoted to this task.

– We are not using the foam pit at this time.

– The roll-up doors and the front and side doors remain open all day for ventilation. We also run the air conditioning as needed. The air filters have recently been replaced, so clean, cool air is filtered through the building.

– Students enter through the front of the building and exit through the back roll-up gates, so there is no cross over or congestion during drop off and pick up.

– The current class size is approximately 30% of what it used to be pre-COVID. We typically see 4-5 students in each recreational class and 6-7 in each camp group. 

– The groups are distanced from each other though the students are not distanced from the other students in their individual static group. 

To see the complete protocol, please click here.