Protocol Update 8/9/21

Gyminny Kids Families,

Starting Monday, 8/9/21, we encourage students ages four and up to wear a mask to class, though we do not require masks, and we continue to trust you will make the best decision for your family. Wearing masks enables us to stay open by following state and county regulations enforced by the San Diego County Health Office. Our staff will be wearing masks until further notice. Please know that we do what we can to remain open in order to continue serving the community and providing jobs for our employees. Thank you for being patient with us as we navigate the ever-changing landscape and while we provide an outlet for your children in a safe, clean, ventilated, climate-controlled facility with career coaches and office administrators.

Grateful for you.

Daniel Gundert

Protocol Update 7/20/21

Here are a few Q&As related to our mask policy effective 7/20/21.

Q: Are children required to wear masks?
A: It’s your choice, as we trust you will do what you feel is best for you and your family.

Q: Do the coaches wear masks?
A: If they are vaccinated, they are not required to wear a mask. 

Q: How do you know if they are vaccinated?
A: We trust the coach’s judgment.

Q: Do you ask for vaccination cards?
A: No, health records are not to be shared unless the coach volunteers.

Q: Are parents required to wear masks?
A: It’s your choice, as we trust you will do what you feel is best for you and your family.

Q: Do you ask for vaccination cards?
A: No, we do not require private health records.

Protocol Update 6/16/21

In response to the Governor lifting COVID restrictions as of 6/15/21, our protocol is as follows:

– The student to teacher ratio is back to 8:1 max
– The foam pit is open,
– The water bottle refill stations are turned on.
– Vending is now available.
– Birthday parties are available.
– Parking remains the same. 
– Check-in and class dismissal remain the same. Check-in from the front door and dismissal happens at the back roll-up gates.
– We regularly clean and sanitize. 
– Gyminny is climate-controlled year-round.
– Gyminny has had zero COVID outbreaks.

Here is a quick tour that gives you a glimpse inside the building to answer some of your frequently asked questions. In addition to what’s shown on these videos:

– We sanitize the class bins between each class. Each Coach has their own bin.

– We clean and sanitize any surfaces that are touched by Gyminny Associates and students throughout the day. We have extra staff devoted to this task.

– We are not using the foam pit at this time.

– The roll-up doors and the front and side doors remain open all day for ventilation. We also run the air conditioning as needed. The air filters have recently been replaced, so clean, cool air is filtered through the building.

– Students enter through the front of the building and exit through the back roll-up gates, so there is no cross over or congestion during drop off and pick up.

– The current class size is approximately 30% of what it used to be pre-COVID. We typically see 4-5 students in each recreational class and 6-7 in each camp group. 

– The groups are distanced from each other though the students are not distanced from the other students in their individual static group. 

To see the complete protocol, please click here.