GK Parents,

Thank you for hanging in there with us while we developed a plan to safely allow parents in the building. Beginning Monday, April 19th, one guardian for each child in the Red Room (Pre-School side of the gym), Joeys, Lil’ Hoppers, Cricket, Super Cricket, and Gym Plus, may watch from upstairs. At this point, we can not allow siblings unless the child is in a front pack.

Parent-tot classes and Pre-Cricket Guardians (one guardian per) have already been permitted in the building since 4/1.

If COVID numbers in San Diego continue trending down, we will also begin allowing guardians from Blue Room classes to enter. Next will be Super Heros & Cartwheels, then Round Offs & Handstands, and so on. The timing for allowing guardians in the building to view Cartwheels/ Super Heros and beyond has not been established though we will keep you updated.

Unfortunately, we can not permit siblings to view at this point. We have to keep it to strictly one guardian.

Once you enter the building, Red Room guardians must drop off at the front door and head straight upstairs. Once upstairs, please wear a mask and space yourselves as much as possible from the other guests seated in our stadium seating. Lastly, we ask that you bring as few personal items into the gym as possible.

Class dismissal will be the same, so please exit the front of the building 10 min before the end of class and head around the corner to the roll-up gates to pick up your child outside.

Please keep in mind we are doing our best to follow protocol, so while viewing, if you notice our systems are not perfect, we ask that you remain patient with us as we are doing our best. Our track record for safety has been excellent as we have seen very few cases and zero outbreaks.

Excited to have you back in the building!

Daniel & the Gyminny Crew


GK Pre-Cricket Guardians,

As we see state and local restrictions lift and COVID numbers dropping, we will begin allowing one guardian per Pre-Cricket in the building to watch from upstairs.

This change for Pre-Crickets begins Thursday, April 1st.

If numbers continue trending down, we will also begin allowing guardians from other preschool classes to enter. Next will be Crickets, then Super Crickets, and so on.

The timing for allowing guardians in the building to view Crickets and beyond has not been established yet though we will update you weeks in advance.

Unfortunately, we can not permit siblings to view at this point. We have to keep it to strictly one guardian.

Once you enter the building,  Pre-Cricket guardians must drop at the front door and head straight upstairs. Once upstairs, please space yourselves as much as possible from the other guests seated in our stadium seating.

Lastly, we ask that you bring as few personal items into the gym as possible.
Class dismissal will be the same, so please exit the front of the building 35 min after the start of class and head around the corner to the roll-up gates to pick up your child outside 45 minutes after the start of class.

Please keep in mind we are doing our best to follow protocol, so while viewing, if you notice our systems are not perfect, we ask that you remain patient with us as we are doing our best. Our track record for safety has been excellent as we have seen very few cases and zero outbreaks.

Excited to have you back in the building!

Daniel & the Gyminny Crew


GK Families,

There is much in the way of social unrest and worry for our children. With that being said, I want to touch on the positives that we see here every day. 
Today is the best time to be a Gyminny Kid, and here are ten reasons why.

1.) The gym has fewer students in it at any given time, enabling more space in the gym, smaller ratios, and a clean, safe, low-risk environment during the pandemic.

2.)  Our coaches are role models. We have retained the best coaches in the nation. Not only because of their expertise and experience but because they believe in developing a well-rounded human, in and out of the gym. Sport is a metaphor for life, and what better avenue to learn the tough lessons than through sports, especially gymnastics, the most difficult one! Work ethic, how to win/lose with grace, showing up on time, working through personality conflicts, teamwork, being coachable. These attributes have nothing to do with being physical but are infinitely more important than the scoreboard.

3.) We have more parking available!

4.)  Physical activity is the number one way to combat anxiety and depression, release endorphins, tension, helping with overall mental and physical health.

5.) To focus in school, children need a physical outlet. We’ve got that covered!

6.) Children need something to feel confident about.

7.) Gyminny has something for everyone! All ages, all abilities, in-person classes & camps and online classes, mobile gymnastics that come to you, and distance learning camps facilitate your school’s assignments staffed with our very own educators.

8.) Gyminny teaches problem-solving. Learning how to overcome difficulties in sport, teach our children how to deal with hard things in life. What we are going through as a community right now- is hard!

9.) Our office associates and managers are career-oriented and care about you, your family, your dog, and your child. Maintaining a personal touch during every client interaction is a priority, so we have made it easier than ever to communicate with us. Text us during operating hours for any reason. (858)223-9121 or live chat with us through our website.

10.) While we see social unrest and plenty to worry about in the outside world, we provide a sense of home, structure, and safety within the walls of Gyminny. One of my favorite Authors, Maya Angelo, wrote, “Once you step over my doorsill, you’ve been raised. You know the difference between right and wrong, so do right and remember this. You can always come home”. Similarly, we hope you feel at home when you step over our doorsill. 

Grateful for you.

Daniel Gundert


Gyminny Kids Supporters,

In response to Governor Newsom’s recent mandate, 12/3/2020, we will continue operating under the Day Camp protocol as permitted by state and local governments.

Our large roll-up doors, side, and front doors will remain open, which keeps the gym well ventilated while we keep the heat on during the cooler or rainy days.

The mandate does not affect our operations. Our protocol has proven effective and shows our ability to stay open and operate safely with zero outbreaks.

Giving our children the gift of activity, a social outlet, and something to look forward to is hugely important for our kiddo’s mental and physical health.

Thank you for your continued support; we are forever grateful!

Daniel and the Gyminny Crew


Gyminny Kids Supporters,

We will continue operating classes and camps under the Day Camps protocol as permitted by state and local governments.

Our large roll-up doors, side, and front doors will remain open, which keeps the gym well ventilated while we keep the heat on during the cooler or rainy days.Moving into the “purple tier” does not affect our operations.

Our protocol has proven effective and shows our ability to stay open and operate safely.

Giving our children the gift of activity, a social outlet, and something to look forward to is hugely important for our kiddo’s mental and physical health.

Thank you for your continued support; we are forever grateful!

Daniel and the Gyminny Crew


Make Gyminny a destination on Halloween Day!

We are providing a FREE haunted and funhouse drive through, age-appropriate. You may drive through one or both.

Activities include a live circus show, goodie bags, photo ops, dressing up, and dressing your car for upgraded goodie bags.

Gyminny’s Spooky Drive Through is open to the public 10/31, 5-7 pm.

We can’t wait!


GK Families,

Use our day camps to supplement what you’re missing at school. We offer half-day, full-day, no minimum commitment. Sign up the day before and drop the kiddos off to get their wiggles out.

The first 1/2 day of year-round camp is free; email us at info@gyminnykids.com to schedule your customer appreciation gift. We offer camps Monday through Saturday with free early care and late pickup.

Happy Saturday!

Daniel and the Gyminny Crew


Gyminny Families,

We want to thank you for your ongoing support by offering a free 1/2 day of year-round camp. This offer is good for one free 1/2 day camp for each child in your family ages 3+. We offer camps year-round, Monday through Friday, 9:30-4 pm, and Saturday 9:30-12:30. Early and late care available at no extra cost. Reservations need to be made at least the day before so we can staff accordingly.

This offer is not good for our distance learning program though if you would like to learn more about that program, please follow the link below:

Distance Learning Day Camps

To redeem your free 1/2 day of year-round camp, please:

  • Create an account if you are a new customer through our parent portal.
  • If you are a returning or new client, your payment method on file must be an e-check (ACH) added through the parent portal, which will directly deduct future payments from your bank account. Instructions below.

-Adding e-check (ACH) as your payment method:

Here is how you can set up e-check as the payment method in Parent Portal:

1. head to GyminnyKids.com and click on the Parent Portal

2. log in using the email you have on file with us

3. if you don’t remember your password, or haven’t set one up yet, click “forgot password.”

4. click on “my account.” 

5. click on “payments.” 

6. You will see two options: credit card or bank account

7. click “edit payment info” or “add payment info.” 

8. add your banking information to keep echeck as the payment on file, and you will get a free 1/2 day of camp 

Please note that you can only have one form of payment on file. Adding echeck will remove any card information we may have on file.

Register for the day of your choice (promo expires 11/10/20) through the parent portal and use the promo code “thankyou” case sensitive during check out. The parent portal can be found here: Parent Portal

  • Reservations must be made the day before so we can staff accordingly.
  • The free 1/2 day must be used before Wednesday, 11/11/2020.

You may share this promotion with your friends and family. If you have questions or need help registering, email us at info@gyminnykids.com.

For more information on camps, check out the link below:

Year-Round Day Camps

Thanks again for supporting our small family-owned business!

Daniel Gundert & the Gyminny Crew



Click the links below to view the camp and PUSD Safety Protocols and Reopening Guidelines

San Diego Day Camp Safety Protocol

PUSD Reopening Guidelines

The Correlation Between Learning & Physical Activity | Featuring Alexis D’Souza


Our New Model:

GK Families,

Here is a quick tour that gives you a glimpse inside the building to answer some of your frequently asked questions. In addition to what’s shown on these videos:

– We sanitize the class bins between each class. Each Coach has their own bin.

– We clean and sanitize any surfaces that are touched by Gyminny Associates and students throughout the day. We have extra staff devoted to this task.

– We are not using the foam pit at this time.

– The roll-up doors and the front and side doors remain open all day for ventilation. We also run the air conditioning as needed. The air filters have recently been replaced, so clean, cool air is filtered through the building.

– Students enter through the front of the building and exit through the back roll-up gates, so there is no cross over or congestion during drop off and pick up.

– The current class size is approximately 30% of what it used to be pre-COVID. We typically see 1-3 students in each recreational class and 6-7 in each camp group. 

– The groups are distanced from each other though the students are not distanced from the other students in their individual static group. 

To see the complete protocol, please click here.

Happy to be back!

Daniel Gundert and the Gyminny Crew


We Are Open!
Here’s All You Need to Know:

Gyminny Kids Families,

The Governor approved the County’s plan to reopen youth sports! We are starting with half-day morning camps, 9:30 am-1230, Wednesday, 6/10 through Friday, 6/12. We will restart classes, all levels, and full-day camps, including early drop off and late pick-up, beginning on Monday, 6/15, and beyond.

Our reopening plan does not end with the requirements set out by the State and County; we are doing more than what’s asked. Gyminny Associates will not only be cleaning between each class; we will be cleaning and disinfecting throughout the classes and camps as we have extra staff solely scheduled to clean and maintain spacing.

We will be using child-safe cleaning products and medical-grade UV lights, which are very effective in disinfecting high traffic areas, including gymnastics equipment, bars, beams, mats, chalk buckets, bathrooms, door handles and more.

We have created a drop-off/pick up system that allows all students to enter one side of the building and exit the other side to keep entrances and exits clear. Please have your child/ren wear flip flops or Crocs to expedite the check-in and check out process. Our drinking fountains and water bottle refill stations are turned off, so please have your child bring a sanitized water bottle to class.

The approved plan is spectator free, which means the children need to be dropped off. Parents are not permitted in the building unless you are participating in a parent-tot class, or your child has special needs. For red room (pre-school), blue room (school age), and team classes, we have your phone number on file in case we need to contact you. If you would like to stay close, you may wait in your car or return at the end of class though you must return for pick up on time or a few minutes early. We have runners ready to assist each child to class, and the coaches will lead individual class warm-ups. All classes are separated from each other. Masks for children are not permitted as wearing one while doing gymnastics is not safe.

We have over twenty thousand square feet of usable space, so keeping a distance between groups will not be an issue. Please keep in mind this protocol follows the daycare plan that was approved by Governor Newsom and is currently working well.

As part of the sign-up process, you will be asked to Esign a “Parent Commitment COVID-19 Form” drafted by the County of San Diego and approved by the State.

To register for class or camp, please email us at info@gyminnykids.com. You may call (858)451-0204, though we expect high call volumes, wait times will be longer if you choose to call over email.

We ask that you use your make up tokens in addition to each paid enrollment. For example, if you purchase one-half day of camp, you may use a make-up token for the second half-day of camp. If you regularly attend one practice day a week, you may add a second or third day of practice using the make-up tokens you have acquired. If you have questions relative to how many tokens you have acquired, please email info@gyminnykids.com.

Hiring back the staff plus extra to clean will mean we have higher expenses with more overhead costs plus the loss of significant income over the last twelve weeks will make it difficult to operate solely on make-up tokens.

If you are not ready to return, you may continue attending our Zoom classes, which will continue for all recreational levels. Starting 6/15, we can no longer offer Zoom classes for the competitive teams as we are unable to staff both physical team classes and team Zoom.

In order to keep the groups “static,” drop-ins the same day are not permitted. You must pre-register for your class, make-up, clinic, and camp no later than the closing time the previous working day.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We could not have done it without your help! Our children have suffered the most during quarantine, and it’s time we give them a safe, productive outlet.

Please email us at info@gyminnykids.com to register, scheduling, payments, and for questions of any kind.

We can’t wait to see you!

Daniel Gundert & the Gyminny Crew


Please view the attached reopening protocol approved by the County, twenty Partner Hospitals, our County Health Director, and Governor Newsom.



Call to Action For Youth Sports:

A Message From Nick Hundley, Senior Director of Baseball Operations for the MLB on reopening Youth Sports:

Click the link below to access the letter you can send to Governor Newsom.

Letter to the Governor

Mailing address:
Governor Gavin Newsom
1303 10th Street, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 445-2841
(916) 558-3160

We need your help advocating for youth sports! Let’s talk about how quarantine has affected our children.

  • Our children have suffered the most during quarantine.
  • They are still in school and need a safe physical outlet to help them focus while quarantined at home.
  • There are positives to quarantine and flattening the curve while there were numerous unknowns, but NOW is the time to reopen.
  • Every few days, I read about another gym, pool, rec center, or studio going out of business.
  • If we wait for the guidelines initially set out, no more than 25 new cases a day and zero deaths for 14 consecutive days, that could take months, even years, and we will no longer have a business for OUR children to return to.
  • Children are intuitive; they feel the emotions their parents or guardians experience, and some may process and grow, while others will suffer long term psychological scars. Our kiddos need human interaction outside the immediate family; they need friends, fresh air, and coaches to serve as positive role models to build them up.
  • How do we expect our children to process these feelings properly while many adults suffer from post-traumatic stress and are doing this best they can to cope?
  • If we want our children to be able to emerge with post-traumatic growth, they need a safe physical outlet and need it NOW through youth sports.
  • Our gym has over 20,000 square feet of usable space. We can and will reopen safely with distance measures once we receive the green light.
  • We are asking the Governor to acknowledge the pilot program approved by our public health officer, clinical leadership, and 20 hospital partners, all of whom endorse this plan.
  • The plan lead by our County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar, who, by the way, is a rockstar, is modeled after the child care protocol that’s was approved by the Governor and is currently working well.
  • It’s not uncommon for one of my kids to break down and cry because they miss their friends, practice, school, and often, they do not know how to express why they are upset. It’s heart breaking as a parent. 
  • This is why we put our children in sports. To build character! To learn life lessons and to give them something to feel confident about. Our goal is to raise well-rounded children, and sports provide them with this foundation for life
  • As we watch other industries reopen, it’s difficult to see our children’s physical and mental health deemed as nonessential.

Daniel Gundert

COVID-19 Updated 5-20-20

Dear Gyminny Parents,

First of all, thank you so much for your ongoing support! 

Gyminny has played a part in assisting the County Supervisors in creating a safe reopening plan, which will be submitted to Governor Newsom today, 5/20. Yesterday this plan was voted on and passed by the County Supervisors and the SD Public Health Officer. The proposal requests permission for youth sports to open in phase two. 

We have recently launched a Podcast, “Gymnastics Is More Than…” where we discuss all things Gymnastics. We will be hosting a Q&A episode tomorrow, 5/21, at 11 am, to answer the questions you submit via email today.

These can be general questions about gymnastics, what we offer, or about Gyminny Kids with regards to the current situation. Daniel will be going live on Instagram @GyminnyKids tomorrow at 11 am to answer your questions. If you miss our live segment, we will be uploading the video to youtube, then sending out the link via email and will be uploading the episode to our podcast channel this weekend. 

Again, we do not have all the answers. However, we hope to keep you informed to the best of our knowledge. Please feel free to reply to this email with questions.


Daniel Gundert

Updated 4-20-20

Introducing our Unlimited Zoom Class Pass for $70 a month!

We offer three classes a week for each recreational level ($70) and five class options for the competitive teams ($225).

This Unlimited Zoom Class Pass grants you access to all our programs, including ninja, circus, dance, and gymnastics.

You will have access to dozens of weekly live Zoom classes if you take advantage of our regular and specialty classes.

You may also choose to take the classes of the level just below or above your current level.

For Example, if you are a Cricket, you may participate in all the Cricket classes and Super Cricket Classes and even add Circus and Ninja classes.

For more information or to register, please email us at info@gyminnykids.com.

Updated 4-17-20

Beginning Monday, 4/20, we have added Zoom classes to the schedule giving you more options to choose from. You may attend all the classes in your level and the level just above or below your current.

It gets better; you may also choose to take all the specialty classes we offer: Ninja, Dance, Tumble & Trampoline and Circus.

If you are interested in taking advantage of additional classes outside your current level, please email us at info@gyminnykids.com, and we will reply with the Zoom ID for the respective class so you can hop on. Please click on the blue links below.

Daniel Gundert



Updated 3-31-20

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us during this uncertain time! What we are certain about is, together, we can continue providing quality content for our children and the community as a whole.

We want to remind you that you will receive each class you have paid for in an actual class. When you return, you will attend your regularly scheduled class in addition to in-class makeups with a teacher, not an open gym make up. The modified make up policy means you may attend two or more times a week until you have received every class credit you have paid for.

We are also flexible on how you use the credits. Credits may be used to attend camps (Year-round camps, Summer Camps, Team Camps), clinics, Parents Night Out, Parents Day Out, and more.

In addition to the in-class makeups, we are launching recurring, weekly Zoom classes for every level, for both recreational classes and competitive teams. These classes will provide instruction from our talented Coaches, allow the students to interact with both their classmates and the teacher, and will provide an additional way to stay active and healthy, both physically and mentally. Along with your Zoom class, we included Home Assignments for each level. Please CLICK HERE to access and print yours. Please take a look at the Zoom schedule below.


We go live every day on Instagram @GyminnyKids. This week’s line up includes our very own talented Coaches plus a VERY special guest. Miss Valorie Kondos, the former UCLA Gymnastics Head Coach, and Author will be joining us live tomorrow, April 1st, at 11:30 am on our Instagram platform. Miss Val will be giving an inspirational talk directed to our children as it relates to what we are going through with COVID-19. She will also be answering questions live from our viewers just after her presentation.

There’s more! Early next week, we have an Olympic Gymnast going live with us and some more very heavy hitters so join us on Instagram to find out who those guests are.

That’s not all! We add new content every day to our YouTube channel (YouTube.com/GyminnyKids) We compile all our content onto our Virtual Classroom, which can be found at:


Feel free to share this link with anyone who has children as the content is not limited to gymnastics but is “All things active.”

We love and miss you guys, and once again, thank you for supporting us during this time.

Stay healthy!

From Daniel and the whole Crew at Gyminny Kids


Virtual Classes

Gyminny Kids Families,

The safety and well being of our students, employees, and the community is of the utmost importance.

Based on the recent CDC updates and the Governor’s statement, we will be closing for classes through at least 3/22, possibly longer.

We will remain open to a small number of working families who need camps, which will be determined on a day by day basis. If you have already scheduled camp, you are set. If you are interested in signing up, we have a few more spots.

My kiddos are already going stir crazy, so we decided to focus our resources and efforts on building a digital library for your child/children to work on safely at home.

Within the next 48 hours, we will begin posting “classes” online via YouTube, Instagram TV, Instagram Live, Facebook, and Facebook live.

Folks with smart TVs, computers, phones, or iPads may follow along in your living rooms, garages, back yards, etc. 

We’re working on creating two schedules:
1.) A live schedule with your own teacher teaching the virtual class. The times are TBD.
2.) A recorded schedule with pre-recorded videos posted by the teacher and level. These can be replayed as many times as the children want. 

We will answer questions via the comments, and we will go live twice a day to answer questions and interact with the students.

We will e-mail you an equipment list that you can gather to prepare for a virtual class. 
For example:
-We will teach bars on the floor with strength and shaping exercises.
-We will teach beam on a line.
-Vault drills on the floor focusing on the run, hurdle, and rebound. 

We will send each client a list of items they can use for the virtual class. Basic household items you can find in the garage or order on amazon prime. PVC pipe, 10×8 floor space, jump rope, chalk, etc. 

We will post videos of the full routines in preparation for the Rainbow Classic and inform the students of how to “mark” or say the skill in place of the higher-level tumbling.

We will post some general videos to the library to use in addition to the virtual classes:

– 15 min strength and endurance videos relevant to the level.
– Fun, safe games you can play at home or the park with your family.
– Leaps, jumps and turns class.
– Stretching classes by level. 
– Yoga class led by Miss Megan. 
– Dance classes led by Miss Kalena, Miss Ronna and Miss Jaime.  
– All about handstands class. 
– Rolls. 
-Cartwheel secrets with Mr. Gary. 
– Breakdance and tricking basics lead by Mr. Stitch.  
– Circus basics with Mr. Rodney. 
– Pommel Horse basics with Mr. Olin, Mr. Daniel, and Mr. Wes.
– Tik Tok with the Gyminny Kids teachers. Oh, snap! 

We will email you a print out for the students to check off as they complete a class or assignment, and we will provide small prizes when they return to level and show their checklist signed by you the parents. Kiddos can see their coaches virtually, which makes it personal. 

Your children will be able to record their routines and DM ( Direct Message) to our Instagram or Facebook Message, where all the coaches have access and will be able to give feedback granted you give permission via Esign. 

Virtual classes and video content will give the students a fun outlet, keep them productive and in shape over the break. The idea is to keep a sense of normalcy.

Completing regular gymnastics assignments at home will help maintain confidence and a sense of accomplishment. 

The videos will add a layer to socializing, so our kids don’t feel isolated. 
The coaches are excited to get started, so please give us a day or two to put this all together. We will be sending you a list of items to gather for the virtual classes, a link to our channels, and an Esign form.

Lastly, we kindly ask that you consider staying enrolled through April and complete in-class make ups when you return in addition to your regularly scheduled classes so you can hold your spot and we can support the coaches and office staff during this time.  


Daniel Gundert,
North County Gymnastics and the Gyminny Kids


Updated 3/13/20

Gyminny Kids Families,

We encourage our students to continue attending class as we have safety precautions in place, and we are confident maintaining a normal schedule is important during this time. But, if you decide to take a break, we have adjusted our policy as explained below:

Due to the recent health concerns, we are temporarily modifying our make up policy so that you can hold your spot in class, continue paying tuition, and complete in-class makeups when you decide to return.

Upon return, you will be able to attend your regularly scheduled class plus additional make up classes until you have made up all missed classes.

We recommend holding your space in class for several reasons.

A.) It may be difficult for you to get your spot back in class when you return, as many will be trying to return at the same time, which often results in being placed on a waiting list. You may not be able to return to the same day and time, depending on availability.

B.) We do not want to cut employee hours due to decreased tuition.

C.) 2020 is an Olympic year, which means historically, we will reach peak enrollment and capacity as we approach the Summer and the Fall.

We hope you consider holding your place in class so we can maintain consistency both for your child/ren when they return and for our staff who have dedicated their lives to teaching and serving the community.

Services still being offered:

– Year-round camps, Monday through Friday for working families.

– Classes.

– Camps.

– Scheduled Clinics.

A few changes:

-Classes will now have their own individual warm-up keeping the groups small.

– We are using stickers instead of stamps.

– Discontinuing bubbles.

– Campers will receive individually packaged snacks.

Ongoing efforts:

  • The teachers and coaches are washing their hands before and after each class.
  • We clean and disinfect our surfaces on the hour.
  • Encourage sick employees and clients to stay home.
  • We keep the gym well ventilated and climate-controlled.

We are committed to safety and maintaining a clean, disinfected facility.


Daniel Gundert & the Gyminny Family

Gyminny Kids Gymnastics


Gyminny Kids Families,

I am going to use the recent health concern to highlight our top-notch staff. Instead of hiring a cleaning crew to clean our gym at a fraction of the price of what we pay our employees, we continue to pay our employees their regular wage to clean so we can provide full-time hours.

We offer full medical, dental, vision, 401K match, and paid vacation, so Gyminny Associates look at this as a career versus a side job. Gyminny Kids attracts the best long term coaches and office associates to work with your children in a safe, clean, climate-controlled facility where we take ownership of all aspects of the business, from coaching to cleaning the bathrooms. What we do hasn’t changed because of recent events, it continues.

As a father of five and a member of this community, we choose to teach our children that we do not live in fear, the sky is not falling. We use good judgment, follow the suggestions by the CDC, and avoid sensationalism.

My children continue to attend gymnastics classes and go to school. We focus our energy on the many positives. We are grateful to live in the finest country in the world, and March 10th, 2020 is the greatest time to be alive.

Thank you for supporting Gyminny Kids for the last thirty-three years. With your help, we look forward to serving the community for many more.


Daniel Gundert,
Director of Operations
North County Gymnastics and the Gyminny Kids