Summertime = Soak Up the Sun, Fun and Knowledge!

Summertime is upon us and while it’s important to give the kids a break from the daily tasks and school demeanor; it’s just as important to stay active over the Summer break.

Living in SoCal, we have lovely weather pretty much all year round, so it’s a bonus that we can do things outdoors almost as much as our indoor activities at any time of the year. During the Summer though, let’s be real, it gets HOT. It’s unrealistic to have the kids out in the heat all day every day. Swim class enrollments usually skyrocket during this season as well they should! Swimming is a fantastic sport in addition to mastering a life saving skill. Have your kiddos in the pool swimming and having fun as much as possible.

For consistently active kiddos, some days are definitely well deserved coach potato days. Just be mindful and careful of how much time they spend in front of the tele. Equally as important, be mindful of what they are watching. What our youth fills their minds with greatly affects how they interact socially, influences behavior and how they understand our world. Best to know how the learning path is woven for your individual child and help guide the healthiest way possible.

Here are a few suggestions for those break days where rest is, indeed, needed and earned, but learning and filling the mind with healthy material is fulfilled simultaneously:

  • Documentaries – Children love stories. They love stories that come with visuals. Find a documentary about an animal your child is particularly interested in and watch them then share that information with their friends when they are out and about or back back at school. Nothing beats hearing a child say, “Well, did you know that [enter info learned here]? I learned that from a documentary I watched over the Summer.”
  • Pixar/Dreamworks Films – These are great not only for kids, but for the whole family as they usually put a bit of adult humor for your benefit. These stories usually have a good life lesson we wish we could frame so wonderfully ourselves for the young minds to soak up.
  • Series like Brain Games – Shows such as these have been filmed very well and provide a thorough and broken down explanation of the different ways our minds work. Educational for all ages with fun graphics to better understand the most powerful organ in our bodies.
    As should be with everything in life, moderation is key. When your child has had their fill from learning visually and resting their bodies, get them out, get them in a gym (how about gymnastics?) and get them outside!

Healthy Kohl’s Kids put out a few tips as to how to keep kids off the couch:

  • Get kids involved in planning their activities. Let them create their own lists and check off each activity as it is done.
  • Summer means kids have extra time for chores. Instead of delegating separate chores for each member of the family, turn those jobs into a game. Race to see how fast you can get the house cleaned.
  • Keep active toys handy. Balls of all kinds, jump ropes, Frisbees, hula hoops, Nerf toys, sidewalk chalk for hopscotch should be easily accessible for your kids so they can stay active anytime.

When they need to get out of the house, sign them up for classes, get them in camps, keep them going! Healthy kids are actively participating kids.

Happy Summer!