“The Importance of Following Through”: Honoring Sports Commitments

There are varying levels of reasons as to why parents want their children in sports. The varying levels of sports also play a role in the deciding factor of which sport, why and for how long. That last part is essential to helping teach our athletic youth about honoring a commitment, no matter the stages of personal feelings along the way.

As one parent, Kyle McBride, of a six year old gymnast puts it, “Making sure my daughter understands that she needs to finish what she starts at an early age sets the groundwork for a person of integrity.”

Perfectly stated, Kyle.

Certainly, every child’s athletic journey will be different and fluctuate at different times throughout their practice. There will be moments of triumph along with moments of self-doubt, conquering along with fear, joy along with frustration, excitement with dread, and so on. While making sure that enjoyment is always a part of the equation, we, as professionals and parents, must learn how to turn the challenges our athletes face into learning opportunities and ensure that they finish what they start. Whether it’s one class or a full season, stay until the end.