Pre-School Age Gymnasts


30 minutes, 9-months to 15 months

Our Joeys level is a parent-participation class that is centered around parent-toddler bonding in a fun, safe, and educational environment. The curriculum is built around foundational movements that will promote balance, pushing & pulling, directions & opposites, and rolling. These foundational movements will help connect, develop and organize the brain. The class is located is our “Red Room” which offers equipment designed for smaller hands and bodies.


45 minutes, 15-months to 27 months

Explorers is a parent-participation class that helps children develop body awareness and listening skills. They learn to begin to follow directions with the help of the parent, work on hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills and much more. The class is located is our “Red Room” which offers equipment designed for smaller hands and bodies.


45 minutes, 27-months to 3 years

Little Hoppers is a parent-participation class. Children learn to develop an attention span, body awareness and the understanding of gymnastics concepts as well as socialization with other students. They work on hand-eye coordination, jumping and much more. The class is located in the “Red Room” which offers equipment designed for smaller hands and bodies.


45 minutes, 3 to 4 years

The Pre Cricket level emphasizes the development of positive social and emotional skills, independent thinking, and the ability to respond to directions. They will learn rolls, body positions and much more. At this level, the child is able to participate without a parent and is located in our “Red Room” which offers equipment designed for smaller hands and bodies. Classes integrate fine and gross motor skills as well as safe falling.


50 minutes, 4 to 5 years

After attaining / able to perform all skills included as a Pre Cricket, Cricket children develop strength, sequencing and responding to visual clues. Children will learn the basics of handstands, names of skills, a basic cartwheel, bar skills and more. The class is located in our “Red Room” which offers equipment designed for smaller hands and bodies.


50 minutes, 5 to 7 years

Super Crickets are our highest level “Red Room” class. At this level, the students learn cartwheels, basic body form, strength, as well as a more in depth learning on all of the events. The class is located in both our “Red Room,” which offers equipment designed for smaller hands and bodies with an introduction into our 11,000 square foot “Blue Room” with Olympic gymnastics equipment.

School Age Gymnasts – Girls


55 min

Cartwheels is the first level where we separate the boys and the girls and the first level to be solely in our 11,000 square foot Olympic equipment area. Students begin the process of learning foundation skills on all four Olympic apparatuses and trampoline. At the level, girls learn the Level 1 USA Gymnastics routines and skills as well as basic body awareness and safety.


55 min

At the Round-Off level, girls begin to incorporate better form and consistency. Students learn the USA Gymnastics Level 1 routines and skill which include Back Bend Kick Overs, Back Hip Circles and Forward Rolls on the Beam.


1 hour

Kips begin to learn a new, more advanced skill set. They learn the routines and skills in the USA Gymnastics Level 2 which includes Back Walkovers on the Floor, Tap Swings and Stride Circles on the Bar, Handstand Flat-Backs on Vault and Handstands on Beam. (USAG levels)


60/90 minutes

Aerials learn USA Gymnastics Level 4 which is the first competitive level in the USA Gymnastics program and Junior Varsity in the High School Program. They work on Front and Back Handsprings, Front Hip Circles on the Bars, Front Handsprings on the Vault and Cartwheels on the Beam. (USAG levels)


90 minutes

Gainers increase their skill level to USA Gymnastics Level 5. They work on beginning Front and Back Tucks on Floor, Kips on Bars, Front Handsprings on the Vault and Back Walkovers on the Beam. (USAG levels)


2 hours

High School prep is the highest level in our girls gymnastics program but with our high level, experienced coaches, we are able to take them wherever they want to go! They work on Optional level skill and routines on all four events that best suit the gymnasts ability.

TNT (Tumbling & Trampoline /Acro)

60 min & 90 min

Trampoline and Tumbling classes cover the same floor tumbling and aerial saltos found in Artistic Gymnastics, but they are performed on the three USAG T&T events: Power Tumbling, Trampoline and Double Mini Trampoline. Athletes will advance through compulsory levels 1-7 while learning body control, powerful movements, and safe landings.


60 min

Run away and join the circus in this dazzling class where you’ll get to learn skills on the silks, lyra, trapeze, rolla bolla and so much more! You will be astonished by what our circus kids can do! This is taught by a professional instructor with decades of experience in the circus industry.

Ninja Kids

60 min

All the athleticism of a gymnastics class, the discipline of a martial arts class, and the excitement of freestyle movement. Train through all three levels to become a Ninja master. Class is broken into sessions of adjility, climb, form practice and power.

School Age Gymnasts – Boys


55 min

Super Heroes is an introductory level to all six Olympic gymnastics events plus trampoline. Pre-level 4 USA Gymnastics routines have been created to prepare the boys for the next level. They work on basics on Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars, High Bar, Rings and Vault as well as Cartwheels and Handstands on the Floor.


55 min

Handstands are learning Level 4 USA Gymnastics routines and skills on all six events. This includes a German Hang on Rings, pre-circles on the Pommel Horse, dismounts on High Bar and more advanced tumbling skills on the Floor.


1 hour

In this level, Giants begin working on the skills and routines for Level 5 USA Gymnastics program. They work on skills such as a Rear Flank dismount on Parallel Bars, Handstand Flat Back on Vault and an introduction to Back Handsprings on Floor. (USAG levels)


90 minutes

The Flairs level perfects the Level 5 USA Gymnastics routines. They work on Long Hang Pullovers on the High Bar, Front Support on the Rings and Press Handstands and Roundoff Back Handsprings on floor. (USAG levels)


120 minutes

Iron Crosses are the highest recreational boys level at Gyminny Kids. They work on the Gymnastics Level 6 routines and skills but can grow beyond even that with our high level experienced coaching staff. Some skills include flipping tumbling passes on the Floor, Back Uprises on the Parallel Bars, Kips on the High Bar and Front Handsprings on the Vault. (USAG levels)